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Virtual Desktop

A virtual desktop is put simply a way of accessing your PC from another location other than the desk its situated at.  This is useful if your work means that you need to travel,  or if you need to access other machines in a business.


Benefits and features of Virtual Desktop:

  • Free yourself and your staff with real anywhere access. Connect to your corporate desktop, business applications and company data using any device anywhere in the world.
  • Virtual Desktop ensures business continuity and protects your company by removing data from the local hard drives of PCs and laptops, which can be compromised through loss, theft, hardware failure, fire or flood. The data is stored and backed up within a secure data centre environment on a daily basis, with further storage in a second location for geographic redundancy.
  • Become more responsive to the demands of your business - scale up or down, as required, and only pay for what you need with a usage-based payment system. Our scalable platform removes the headache of acquisitions and office moves while easing company growth.
  • Upgrades to the latest software release without any additional cost.
  • Save time - guaranteed uptime of 99.7%. (what does this mean?)
  • Save money - only pay for active users.
  • Be secure - knowing your data is secure with Alphatech.



A few things we would need to know from you are:

  • What internet speed do you currently have?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How do you run your business?
  • What is important to you?

We normally find this information out by visiting your premises for a chat about your current situation and plans for the future. By listening to your answers to these and other similar questions, we can best advise you on the solutions for your business.

It might be that we don’t move all your system to the Cloud. For instance, we may recommend that you simply move your email to the Cloud and leave your data on the server. We work with existing and new clients to build a relationship that enables us to get to know and understand your business.


Through our managed service, Alphatech control all the technical changes, from setting up the server and then working with you to add/delete new users, keeping the server updated and dealing with any issues you experience. We are your one-stop-shop point of call throughout.

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