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PC Installs

When you purchase a PC or laptop from alphatech, we take care of the hassle.

As part of the service we build the PC, set it up and install all drivers, updates and antivirus software and any other security programs needed to keep your computer safe.

If we don’t already have your details we'll contact you in advance to create your user profile, so that when we arrive it's already taken care of and you'll be able to get back to business as soon as possible.

Unlike other IT companies, we still build our own PCs to our clients' requirements.

We deal with a wide range of sectors including dentists, solicitors and manufacturers, each using highly-specialised software.

Before we begin we will look at your requirements and build a PC optimised for your needs. We use the best components and tailor the product for you.

The way you work may be unique – for example, you might like to have three or four monitors on your desk linked to one PC. Standard graphics cards won't give you this luxury but we can build the computer to include this option.

And while a standard office PC may not require high-end capabilities, it must still be up to the task of allowing you to carry out your work.

These are some of the factors we consider when we build your computer. What's more, building our own computers also helps reduce costs.

All our computers come with a 12-month return-to-base warranty.


We are a very choosy about the brands we supply. As most of our clients are running businesses, we only supply business-grade systems.

We go through all the tests and installing of updates we do when we build our own PCs, so once again, when we turn up at your premises, much of the work has been done in our workshop.

All that’s left to do is install the PC, set up any printers and transfer any data across (although we can also do this in the workshop).


If you're looking at a new PC for your business, why not talk to us?

Or if you're planning a bigger project, we can arrange for someone to visit you.

We don’t employ sales reps – our expert staff can talk to you in layman's terms but you can rest assured they have the knowledge needed to supply you with an outstanding PC for your requirements.

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