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Eset Mobile Q and A

Here you can find questions that might help you to decide if you need protection for your mobile phone

“I/we don’t need Mobile Security.”

Are you aware that an infected mobile device can:

•Delete or steal confidential information.

•Send mass SMS or MMS messages.

•Dial premium phone numbers without your knowledge.

•Transfer an infection to your PC when a connection is established.


“I’ve never had, or even heard of an infected mobile device.”

Mobile device threats have almost trebled since 2006. Over 500 variants of mobile viruses have been detected so far but as smart mobile devices replace the desktop PCs as the dominant platform this number is expected to rise significantly.

According to Microsoft, more than 15 million Smart phones were sold in 2009 and have predicted sales to increase by 58% into 2010 and 2011.

Worldwide Smartphone sales to end users totalled 172.4 million for 2009 and these figures are expected to increase by 64% for 2010 according to Gartner inc.

By comparison Gartner reports PC shipments worldwide for the first quarter of 2009 was 67.2 million a decline of 6.5% from figures recoded in the same period the previous year. Preliminary results for the third quarter 2010 has seen a marginal rise of 7.6% on figures recorded the previous year totalling 88.3 million.


“What are the real benefits of ESET Mobile Security to a business customer.”

•ESET Mobile Security can be bundled with existing NOD32 Business licenses

•Heuristic protection provides peace of mind to administrators that their users are protected from emerging malware. Install it and forget about it. Over air updates are also available real time so users don’t need to sync with their PC’s.

•Installation is simple and fast. Once purchased the license can be downloaded and activated within seconds.

•Business customers are able to control the entire network from a single console with Remote Administrator. Manage alerts, configuration, updates and other tasks easily.

•ESET Mobile Security offers unparalleled scanning speeds so there is no more waiting for folders or attachments to be scanned which is also helpful for older and slower devices.

•ESET Mobile Security has a small system footprint leaving plenty of room for additional programs and files without impacting performance.

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