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Data Recovery

This is when data that may have been lost due to error or equipment failure is recovered from a storage drive.

Important data can be lost through user error, for example deleting the wrong file, or equipment failure, for example the Hard Drive becoming inoperable, or sometimes because of software corruption. This data can sometimes be recovered, minimising any losses.

Depending on the severity and cause of the loss, alphatech can recover some data in our workshops. For more severe loss or damage we can arrange for recovery off site.

We can usually identify from talking to you if we can repair the data internally or sent to our specialist centre


Your data is incredibly important to you and we have a first class relationship with an extremely experienced data recovery specialist, they have more than 40 years experience in this area.

  • class 100 clean rooms and laboratory facilities, ensuring your critical data is in the safest hands
  • certified by ISO/IEC 90001 & Data Protection Act
  • 94.7% recovery rate, which ranks alongside the highest successes in the industry
  • 24:7:365 service available, which means that if you experience failure on a Friday, your data can be safely returned by Monday

Services we offer

Data Recovery

We specialise in vital recoveries, where your data is mission critical and you need to trust absolute specialists.

All our engineers are trained to the highest standards and we often succeed where other data recovery companies have failed.

We recover data from all laptop and desktop hard drives, tape, data cartridges, removable media and multi- disk RAID devices.

As an industry leader, our data recovery service is officially approved by all leading hard drive manufacturers, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Iomega, Lacie, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.

Data Conversion

We support applications from vertical markets including architecture, design, construction, oil and gas exploration, engineering, military, financial, medical, insurance and government. Regardless of the problem, we offer a total solution to meet all your data access requirements. Whether you are upgrading systems or databases, converting or processing data, or simply cannot read your electronic archives or media - we provide solutions tailored to meet your requirements.

We can transfer or recover your data to new formats and media, or supply the appropriate hardware and software to enable you to access your data.

For any data recovery query we would recomend you call or if local, drop in and talk to us, as much information as you can offer the better, for example how the damage came about names of files you need recovering, where they are stored.

please dont attampt to try and repair yourself, or take advice from someone who isnt qualified to advise, you can cause more damage and potentially less chance of recovering and also more cost, dont take chances if your data is that important.

If you have lost data and would like to know how you can protect yourself in the future we have lots of options we can help with from cloud solutions to advice on storing data. there information on the site or talk to us we only at the end of the phone.

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