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CASE STUDY: A Real Wake-up Call

A paint-blasting company normally stores their vehicles on site overnight. However, after one long trip back from Scotland, the driver decided to take the vehicle home for the night.

Shortly after he had settled down to watch the latest episode of Coronation Street, he got a little more drama than he had bargained for. A neighbour knocked on his door to raise the alarm bells.

“Your van is on fire!” was the message. Flames were flickering from the van’s engine after the vehicle’s CD had overheated. In the event, the van was lost - but it could have been so much worse. If the vehicle had caught fire on their business premises, data recovery would not have been an option as the site holds highly toxic chemicals.

The fire was a wake-up call for the company. They realised that they needed to implement a strategy that would protect them. They now have offsite back-up - and Hosted Exchange.

The data backs up automatically at night to two secure offsite UK data centres and their emails are hosted in the Cloud – so, no matter what happens, they can still access the emails via an active internet connection.

What we did to help
  • Set up Off-Site Backup
  • Set up Hosted Exhange
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