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Offsite back up

Offsite Backup


A key part of your disaster recovery plan that is FAST, SECURE and RELIABLE. Automatic back-up of all your critical data in a secure, off-site data centre, sent electronically each day via a remote back-up service.


For your peace of mind!

If your business was a victim of a break-in or a fire, could you still operate without your customer database or the crucial information that you store on your PC’s?

alphatech are online back-up specialists: outsource your back-ups to us to give you the peace of mind that your data is being looked after by experts.

Dramatically improve your data back-up and recovery with the following key benefits:


  • Protection by our expert technical support team. Should the worst happen, we won’t make a drama out of a crisis - we’ll help you retrieve your data securely and quickly
  • Business continuity - availability of data is a fundamental start to any business continuity plan.
  • Online data back-up allows you to protect your critical data securely so that you can concentrate on your business
  • Fully automated - our ‘set and forget’ software means changing tapes is a thing of the past. Simply choose what and when you want it backed up.
  • All of your data will be securely protected using the highest levels of encryption in our state-of-the-art UK data centres
  • Where is your data stored? All client data handled by alphatech is encrypted and transferred to a data centre here in the UK. It is then mirrored to a second UK data centre for additional peace of mind.


Protecting your data couldn’t be simpler or faster:


  • Automatic, daily back-up
  • Fast and reliable data restore with just a few clicks of a mouse
  • UK-based technical support
  • Military-level encryption for total security
  • No large up-front costs - just manageable monthly plans
  • Data held in high-security UK data centres

Backup Enquiry


Call or email one of alphatech’s friendly team. A simple desktop solution can be arranged remotely. An alphatech expert will log in and set up the software, talking you through the steps you need to know in simple, non-technical language. Alternatively, for a networked solution or server set-up, we will come out to your site.


alphatech’s Off-Site Back-Up solution is a managed service. We can monitor and advise on your IT back-ups. If you haven’t backed up for 4 days, we will automatically contact you. Equally, you can call us to discuss any issues with a member of our team, who can log in to investigate any potential issues.

Remote Support

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