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Moving Property

There's lots to consider if you're thinking of moving to new premises.


Please don’t think this is a costly service – it's often far more expensive to try to do it yourself and then pay to put right the problems that can occur.

Book an appointment with one of our experienced engineers now. If we need further surveys to be carried out for services beyond our skills, we can usually bring in our own trusted subcontractors to do this.

This means we can manage everything for you, liaising with the subcontractors and ensuring the entire job is done properly.

  • What is the broadband speed at the new site?
  • Does it have cabling and if so how old is it?
  • Is there an active telephone line?
  • If you have a server, where will it go? Is the room cool enough?

It would be a mistake to ignore these questions or just expect everything to sort itself out.

They might not seem important but could have a huge effect on whether your business can continue to operate effectively.

We'd advise you not to assume anything. We can visit the new and old premises and assess how you're working now and how you will operate at the new site. We can then provide time-scales and a breakdown of costs for the move.

Project managing the entire process is part of our service. If we're involved from the start we can ensure everything runs smoothly at this exciting time.

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