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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is a platform that stores your email, calendar, address book, and files centrally so they can be securely accessed from any computer 24/7. In addition, it allows you to share contacts, arrange meetings and centralise diaries.

Hosted Exchange allows you to continue to access your email via Outlook with the added benefit of securely accessing emails via the web or a mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android etc).

In today’s world, email is the main method of communicating with customers, suppliers and colleagues for most small to medium-sized businesses. 

Depending on the system you are using you could be missing out on productivity-boosting features like real time access from any computer, automatic syncing with your mobile phone and much more.


·         If you want the security of knowing that your data is backed up and available with guaranteed 99.9% uptime

·         If you would like you and your team to manage and access your contact information any time.

·         View and manage one calendar that is always synced between your computer and smart phone. You can securely view and edit your calendar from any computer.

 ·         You may not have the space, resource and investment within your business to manage a local exchange server.

 ·         You require business efficiency to enable you to contact, collaborate and share information when you need to quickly.



·         Costs of a Hosted Exchange are minimal, especially by contrast to implementing your own local exchange server.

·         Powerful spam filtering providing you with standard protection of your mailboxes.  Advanced support is available.

·         Full support from alphatech’s experienced and dependable technicians at any time, should you require.

·         Automatic synchronising of your email, tasks, calendar and contacts. This means that if your computer crashes or you lose your phone, none of your Outlook data is lost.

 ·         Access to calendar, contacts, tasks and email from remote locations.

 ·         Support for synced multiple-computer access.

 ·         Shared calendar and contacts with team members.

 ·         Full functionality of group scheduling and meeting requests.

 ·         Massive 50GB per mailbox.

 ·         Automatic out-of-office notifications.

 ·         Message recall functionality.



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alphatech are happy to discuss with you in more detail how a Hosted Exchange can benefit your business. Simply contact one of our team experts on 01642 309 767.

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